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Getting ready to move to Bali in several weeks

My wife just landed a job as Sales Channel Manager with one of the IT company here in Bali so we (my wife and I and the two kids) are all moving to Sanur, Bali in the next couple weeks. My current job (awesome job with Guidance) allows me to telecommute to do whatever I need to do; so as long as there are phone and Internet connection, I can pretty much do my job anywhere I want (don’t you love technology). The caveat is the “as long as there is internet connection” statement is not as easy as you think compare to what we have in the United States. I just blogged on my technology blog,, an hour ago about the challenge that I have to face to get prepare for this move. At the end of the day, these are all my digital devices and gadgets that I will carry with me(for now):

  • EVDO Rev A high speed USB modem with service provided by SMART telecom
  • My faithful Sony TZ and Mac Book Pro
  • Apple iPad and iPhone touch, complete with the VGA adapter kit and camera connector kit
  • Canon Rebel and Canon SX200 IS
  • Stowaway bluetooth keyboard and Logitech Anywhere MX wireless mouse
  • Skype for all international call need (this is lifesafer) + USB Logitech headset
  • Nokia 2700 classic with Indosat Mentari – for my backup international calling (4 cents per minutes calling to US)
  • MIFI Huawei E5830 with unlimited HSDPA service provided by Telkom Flash Unlimited (good enough for travel day-to-day, backup for internet connection)
  • Blackberry Bold 2 with service provided by Three – my third backup for international calling ($15 per month for 1000 minutes call)
  • HP all-in-one ethernet connected scanner / printer
  • Airport Express (thanks to Ticean)
  • M-audio Axiom 49 and The Snowball USB mic for my garage band
  • A bag full of cable, hub, ac adapters
  • Sony PSP and Nintendo DS 🙂

Quite a list huh? hahaha. I think I am all set for the move. I hope the EVDO connection stays stable. All I need now is 2 more things to purchase: WIFI router to share Internet connection from the EVDO usb modem and a huge 1.5 TB hard drive (I am out of hard drive space everywhere .. arr .. including my iPad 🙂 )


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