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Testing several blog client for my Mac

One thing that I have to do when working in Asia is, the more I have to rely on offline approach on everything. In US, I am spoiled of having Internet everywhere every time, here I have to be able to get things done offline and then switch to online as it becomes available. So the same with blogging, I am on the quest of finding the best blogging tool that allows me to draft my blog offline and then upload them as needed basis.

There are 2 applications that I am reviewing right now: MacJournal and Ecto. So far I like Ecto; it is small foot print, simple and straight forward. It is cater really more for blog and from blog approach. MacJournal is a journaling tool that allows you to create journal and upload it to your blog. So it is a bit different.

Well I will let you know in several days who is the winner 🙂 Chao


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  1. jeo4long says:

    Decision has been made. I choose Ecto for my offline blogging at my MacBook Pro.

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