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why aren’t these scam artist punished?

As I browsing the Internet today and reading articles about iPad, one of the prominent ads is from MyPadMedia. The ad claims that the site will allow you to download unlimited eBook to your iPad in one good price.  Of course, it is too good to be true and if you click and follow to the site, you will see they even put a lot false advertising within their site (i.e. false testimonial, false service description, etc)

I am curious and Google the word “MyPadMedia” to see if anybody writes about the scam – here’s the URL –

Of course the company (MyPadMedia) basically try to hide their scam practice from legal using the “hidden message” within the term of service page that most people won’t read.   But it is clearly said in their term of service (here I quote) : “ does not provide a direct database for downloading. provides members with the necessary software, tutorials & unlimited technical support for their downloading needs.”

I saw this kind of practices several time on different websites (from download music, download video, etc).  The same scam, the same method. The site will try to get people to pay one-time membership (typically around $50) and they basically only deliver to you a free knowledge that you can obtain by any search engine.  I don’t mind that they sell the “knowledge” at that price (it’s free country, you can sell anything at any price you want).  So the service itself is not a scam. However, I think somebody needs to stop their malpractices by doing “false advertising” on their site that leads customer to believe something that they don’t really offer.

Well I hope somebody will find this article when searching the word “myPadMedia” and hope this article can save people from spending a useless “$50”.   Well lesson learn always, when thing is “too good to be true”, it is truely “too good to be true”.


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